Designer Rustic On A Dock

We’ve told people from the very beginning that our tables are designed to be used in doors as well as out. We really do mean that. This project was a perfect example of the functionality of our tables.


Our clients wanted a custom built table that featured our black powder-coated aluminum frame and a distressed galvanized top. They wanted 4 matching bar stools with galvanized tops as well.

An additional unique aspect of this build is that because the table and stools will be living on a boat dock, the client wanted to be able to bolt the table down. But they also wanted to not completely lose the mobile functionality that is standard with our tables.


Jacky fitted the table with removable caster plates so the clients can unbolt the table from their dock and reattach the caster wheels. This will allow them to roll the table back up to their house and use it indoors for entertaining.


The table and stools turned out fantastic and we think it will be a great centerpiece for entertaining for years to come! If you’re interested in a custom build, shoot us a call or send us a message!