Custom Table And Stools For Wilder Limousin Ranch

Jacky was approached to create a custom table and bar stools for the Wilder Limousin Ranch. They wanted their logo etched into the metal table top and wooden bar stools. Take a look at the process.


The build started with a custom square aluminum frame built to be extremely strong and lightweight.


The metal inlay was fitted into the center surrounded by a hardwood border.


Once the metal and wood was fitted, Jacky distressed the wood frame to bring out the natural beauty. He also distressed the metal top to create the desired logo and finish.


The wood for the bar stools was also branded with the logo and stained to be the desired color and look.


The finished product turned out absolutely beautiful!

If you’re interested in your own custom Hawthorne Table reach out to Jacky and he will walk you through the process.

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